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It was the Battle of Canary Warf that changed everything. The Doctor’s hands slipped from the lever and was pulled towards the void. He screamed Rose’s name and he could hear her do the same. A sound that broke both his hearts. That was the last time the Doctor ever heard or saw Rose, that scream echoing in his mind for all eternity.

The Doctor found himself in Pete’s world, stuck without his TARDIS, without his Rose. Stuck with Jackie Tyler and Mickey Smith. Of course Jackie blamed her for all of this (a blame that was short lived), she’s lost her Rose and that was all she could think about, she couldn’t see that he’d lost Rose too. While Pete insisted that the Doctor live with them, both Jackie and the Doctor knew that wouldn’t be a good idea, but as the months past things changed. The Doctor changed.

Trapped and alone, the Doctor didn’t adjust well to the slow path, he moved in with Jackie and Pete, worked alongside Mickey and Jake at Torchwood, but things were never the same. When he wasn’t out saving the world, the Doctor locked himself away, trying to find a way back to the other reality and to Rose.

Years down the line, The Doctor, John Smith, was part of the Tyler Family. He lived with the Tyler’s, worked at Torchwood, had his own money and a ‘little brother’ who looked up to him. He had ever luxury you’d want in life. He just didn’t have Rose.

Broken Verse
Looking for his Rose now he found out the other one wasn't his.

Other verses to be added as created.

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